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My name is Caro and I’ve been teaching songwriting and music production for 8 years. I have both in-school and private teaching experience, and am certified in California, New York, and North Carolina to teach both music and creative writing. 

Lesson 1: meeting you where you are - understanding song structure, melodic and lyrical motifs

Concrete Wall
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Paris Brooke

An up and coming artist I've had the pleasure to consult with! 

"Caro helped me look at the language in my songs in a way I had never even considered. I found my voice!"

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Sonny Miles

8k monthly listeners and 600k+ listens on Spotify, Sonny has taken off!

"Caro's patience and thoughtfulness when giving notes on a song is unmatched. Big ups."

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Ramsee Boone

A high school student I taught that produced an entire album for her senior project!

"Caro has knowledge that comes out of nowhere. Having their brain on your side is really valuable."


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